How I Got to This Page

Where did this all begin?

Well some time which seems like before the the dawn of time I used computers before the Internet. What did I use? When did I use it? The answers may have changed as definitions have changed with in perceived construct of a growing mind.

The Early years.

I think the first computational device was a Calculator it may have been one of my Dads or one I saw at school. The first computer I ever sat in front of and used was a Apple-II computer with that cool green screen and clicky keyboard. The First computer I had regular access was a 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Dad had bought for the family.

Later on the Teen Years.

Some time after I started work, with mostly telex machines used (replaced by PC's as terminals). I bought an Amiga 500 Computer shortly followed by a Amiga A1200. With that computer I had my first on line experience was with Bulletin Board Services. At that time work computers where standalone as a interface to the phone-network. Some time later I Hooked my Amiga up to the Internet it was slow and annoying but it was a new world of different Ideas and People.

Later life and new Beginings!

One day for reasons I have since forgotten An old work machine that was going to be dumped, it had stopped working. That machine was my first experience with the PC compatible it was a Junker unloved and striped of anything of use. Fixed it as any good technician would do to give it purpose. I fixed the power supply, I got A hard drive, keyboard and monitor for it. When it was going it was slower than my older Amigia it did less and was not pretty I called the machine MONGO! It was a 486DX it eventually had 32Mb of ram (30pin) it became the beginning of my experimentation with computers. That machine had ran dos Win311 Linux and Windows 95.

As time went by a realisation that the Amiga although all powerful and versatile it would not work with the Business world. So built a new Computer from the ground up It was a amd k7 pr233 it was fast (for its time) it ran win 95. Eventually the new computer was called Donky (mis spelling intended) and MONGO was just mucked around with.

More Power and Networks!

Donky started to get bigger and faster (new parts and upgrades) and mongo was upgraded with cast-off's. MONGO got to the 4th version and pentium powered. One day it became a server in its own right running e-smith and running the SM200d card for the Ihug Ultra service. Why may you ask? When using Ihug Ultra the SM200d card ran stable in a win 95 arrangement, for some strange reason the win 98 drivers were unstable, Donky was running a 500mHz CPU and the Linux ones after some coaching ran stable so go figure. I found Heat was the next problem for the SM200d card so I had the card heatsinked + fan I got a year of uptime in this configuration. The names MONGO and Donky became network names of my network.

The Internet! and html and Me!

During More Power and Networks! I stated to have a presence on the local Ihug web server. I used the tools and information I had at the time and used Netscape Navigator 4.XX. eventually fell in to the wrong/right crowd and the said should get my own domain name. Sounded good it did so I did. Word pad became my friend and so I started writing sites for fun and education. As the look got more complicated and tables for form and function got nasty CSS was discovered (HALLELUJAH!). Finally the tools in Linux was the way to go from what was something I toyed with became my tool of choice.

Even MORE power and Photos!

For a good proportion of my working life has been involved with the beginnings of the Desktop publishing Industry and a Service person for the hard ware they where using for output. From that job I got a heavy interest in digital Images and pushing pixels around the screen. My film skills where great I wanted a D-SLR for my lenses All was grate till I discovered raw image files (digital negitive) and the power of making a image the way you would when processing film, Donky would not cut it he was under powered and too slow to do the job. Enter KAOS, A new machine put together for photo editing as its prime use. In use mind numbingly fast with twin screens.

Why FUZZY KAOS and Maj. Tom J. B'Stard III ?

A few years back. A discussion with some work mates about a boss we did not understand his business logic, at the time we where playing around with fuzzy logic devices and I said FUZZY KAOS, the rest is history What does this mean still don't know.

Maj. Tom J. B'Stard III is a Pseudonym I was toying around with as an alternate me. Rather than a nick more like an I.D. mostly for my writing in this website. The name came from a fascination of Major Tom the fictitious song personality and Rik Mayall's character in The New Statesman.

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