Of Ghoti and Oil


Meanwhile back in the Disaster Aria, My production of self made music was going from strength to pitiful attempts just thinking about the song from initial riff to video done in less than a week. Some times it just happens, not in a bad way like Excrement but like unicorns with rainbows. To monumental efforts that seem to take for ever like the time the riff came to me in August 2016 and many months later after words and rerecords it just stinks like a stale fish sandwich than has been kicking around for months.

Then Behold Glenn Fricker of SpectreSoundStudios came up with SMG "Oldies But Baddies" Contest! at first I was Na cant do it but in the end after a month of the competition I thought why not So this is what I came up with something not in my normal style but fun non the less. Last Christmas Metal #SMGOldiesButBaddies.

Ill apologise now, some months later there was a Copyright claim and yes and no because of fair use Ill agree with that claim till I take out the vocals then it sounds nothing like Last Christmas. What do you think. I was booked to be out of town two weeks after I started this project for the competition in the end I set up a time table of what needs to be done and when and it meant if the mile stone was not met it had to be canned , there was about a week of recording well may be 3 hours as I had other things that had to be done. The last week was put aside for the video Story board was set on a scruffy peace of paper, then time to film it I filmed about most of what was planed in the end at the first rough cut there was more than enough footage,all the filming completed in one day in between doing other things then it was time to cut it all together with some comments screens and this is what you see. In the same way as watching in silence happened so did Last Christmas,

The Vocal was the one and only take,(this was my best ever vocal) The amount of effort was totally at a minimum If first take went well and there where no mistakes it stayed there was no fixing it in the mix so to say. I did record 25ish Guitar tracks as I broke the rhythm down to about 4 parts and played each part a few times with different guitars and amp settings There where a few takes that for one reason or another they where not used

So when We got back to the Disaster Aria it was back to the Clockwork project Na not really it was out of site and mind till one day I thought lets work on the mix and the words so the last words where recorded and the mix was fixed up so it was time to do the video fortunately there was some early scenes that where filmed and those where rough cut in to place so it was a case of recording some green screen shots and a bit of stop motion on green screen a few more parts where added in for the music which then set the order of a rough cut part. So about 10 months after the initial riff the song was complete.

When thinking back on the Last Christmas and Clockwork Some time I wonder whether it is better to just stick to My own stuff or some times branch out to covers as in the end I had about as much fun doing both.

Finally In the new year well a throw away line popped into my head. I for wont of a better reason I ran with it. The song had some fill in lines which became

Off to the slaughter house
Butchered to pieces
Wrapped in plastic
Off to the market
Swapped for cash
For us to eat.

All that was needed now was a funny Video!


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