The Strat of a True Story

The Start of a Guitar Part 2


Now for the record time to set it state right from the beginning "The Guitar did not turn out as I imagined!". That is the truth and still is the Truth two months from completion. In perspective I was planing the impossible with the finish and the resulting guitar is not what was envisioned. Yes I am happy with the finish and feel of the guitar and It is way better than planed. During construction the finish and planed were aloud to evolve and now it is a truly unique and personal instrument but looks like a shop bought one till you work out it is stain and oil finish. The finish even has some of my DNA in it from the blood and sweet. The look is the best of both worlds, Candy Apple Red and Pearl with out any of that!

Warning Danger Will Robinson
This May not read like a blog, or is it a Blog?

Started working out some sort of action plan.

Loose Screws
After some food and before the shops all shut up for the year I went out to get some extra parts and information. My first stop was the Bolt Shop and after asking some questions I got some saddle screws and cap screw bolts for fitting the neck. Then off to a paint shop. The finish in mind all those plans went out of the window from that visit, not sure if they couldn't say if what I wanted to do would work because no body had ever done what I had in mind or not. It was back to the drawing board for more schemes and dreams.

The kit is not as easy or as simple as some of the kits that can be bought. First off the instructions are more like a general purpose guide for setting up bits like the Trem mech, not like a cohesive guide all sorts of wiring set-up plans where supplied. As the supplied plans for the guitar where a mix of Strat clone and some V style metal shredder research was in order. Not one site had it all some had some bits and others had the missing links to what was missed out in the other sites. So from the research day lost plans and ideas that where tossed around and mixed like a good salad. The good news there is there was lots of room for imagination and thinking out side the box.

At this point the plan was not set in stone more like battle plans do one thing and wait for the enemies replying salvo and make a retaliatory plan for my next salvo. A line in the shifting sands being blowing by the wind. The plan could morph and change with what can be done and what has not been tried and what should work. For instance a Yellow clear, Candy apple Red and Gold Sunburst where quickly shelved and forgotten. The final finish choice was an extension of the oil finish on the neck, With the addition of a Red Stain all over the body of the Guitar before the oil finish was applied. The artwork (water slide) was a last minute decision, although some plans at the beginning of what would look cool on the head stock.

Back to the plan. Started test fitting the kit together. The wood was not sealed in any way, but the finish was nice and most of the holes have not been drilled, like the neck for instance. No time for wimpling out now! Must keep going on. My first job was to set up the neck by drilling some holes.

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