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The Truth about Girl


SSS So what did the plans involve? Well the original post supplied where not so great and started getting the static. So first was to generate an inventory of parts needed!

The main improvements where to make the coil tap/split with more options now the bridge could be split to ground or to hot meaning either coil could be chosen to have the variable tap and the neck was now humbucker or split all with the push pull pot!

Electrics Point to point Ver 2.0

open Box The tone and volume the nobs worked the same but the switches on the push pull pots controlled the capacitance there is now a choice between 0.022uF, 0.047uF and 0.015uF. And Finally the original Strat style knobs just are impossible to use once you get any sweet on fingers so to pull up the switch on the pot is is hard. Speed style nobs are in the process of being tested.


Installed a kill/death switch. well not quite the death but the name sounded good it is part of the common 7 sound mod that allows the bridge and neck in parallel as well as bridge, middle and neck in parallel. In addition to the switching already in place there is up to 22 different voices, or put it another way 22 switch combinations plus the variable tap reality there is way more than could be needed. In practice the controls work like this I decide on the configuration and adjust the variable tap and tone controls to site the amp and environment.

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