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Work Ongoing part 4



In the morning found some briwax products that meet the general idea for colouring the body after sanding :) went to bunnings only to find there was only the spirit based colour. At the time was disappoint as I knew there was no way to order in the water based product of my choice.

Later on finalised the electrics, The set up is a volume and a common tone pot and one last pot that is supposed to taper down the humbuckers will be interesting to see how it sounds when plugged in.

open Box
Drilled the neck used a 3mm pilot drill set to a depth of 12mm followed that up with a 5.5mm final drill set to the same 12mm wow drill presses work great! found fitting the saddle screws that was a hard going, to get them square was paramount. Success bolted in the neck and it fits!!!!! ended up removing a small amount of material from the pick guard just around the neck pocket, fitted two fake E strings and it all aligned up set the hight of the bridge and am happy with the feel so far. Suppose time will tell how good it is...

The neck fit was the one thing that freaked me I was the one thing that if I got it wrong then there was no going on to the next stage well I suppose that is a bit of an over dramatisation of the facts.

open Box

The next jobs is the sanding, sanding and more Sanding then colour. Sanding will be the biggest problem, I tend to rush jobs I should take the time to do properly, maybe Ill see it through and make my self spend the time to sand and colour and then finish the poor thing. I suppose the guitar will need a name.

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