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The Truth about Gir part 6


started sanding and sanding and more sanding and just to top it off more sanding to the neck and body. Three stain coats where applied to the body with some in-between sanding This was to bring out the flamed top. After some drying time and then the oiling began. Over 8 days of oil and drying time with some transfers applied early morning on the 31st

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The colour looked good although flat. From what I had seen on the net was expected what I was not expecting is what it was going to look like after the first coat of TruOil on the neck and body how good it was going to look and mmmm mmmm mmmm it looks sweet it don't smell so bad either, everything looked so much better. After 5th coat was applied the more I apply the more sex on wood it looks. I think I may do 6 coats and leave it at that just for the time being.

On the naming issue it may be called Black Doris after the plum and my Nana there are a lot of those around at the moment.


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decided it needed 3 days drying time, at around 3:30pm took it out in the sun and decided it needed a extra coat on the front so at 6:30 it has 6 coats on the back and neck and 7 on the front. Some time on the 31st December the transfers where applied there was 3 extra coats of oil over those!

On the 01/01/2013 at 3:30 pm started assembling the guitar tuned it up and set the trem wow it is not has hard as I would have thought. Did find it was a round robin tuning set-up but not so hard used phone tuner:) By 5:00pm it was all set up and running.

After playing the guitar for some time the name girl started to stick too so now we have 3 names!!!!

Well after the initial joy of completion and the fingers stopped hurting (and yes I did think about the fingers bleeding). Well the neck joint settled down and the finish seemed to shrink in to the wood. It was becoming a fusion of organic, mechanicals and electrics. Yes it was a passive device but it was taking on a hint of its own will to be part of life not quite life but an accessory non the less.

The time spent in this project. From winning the auction to the finish of the build. Then some mods happen. This is like being Bert Munroe you start with a standard item and end up with something unique fast and totally rock and roll!

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