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The End Is Nigh part 5



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More planing this time it is the final look of the head stock. Had a look on the net and in shops and found some head patterns although I like the pre CBS size and the later ones that where similar in size and shape. I decided to make mine up as a close the original but not exactly like it or has been done in the past. It is based off a 13deg line and a 30mm radius.

I rough cut it and then power sanded it the end results I was happy with it and it looks great.

Today is an Auspicious day but more on that later.

open Box
Bought some strings that will be sacrificed to the build (sacrifice is it a good start?). Reassembled everything marked the scratch plate holes and drilled them soldered on the final earth wire and screw down the scratch plate solder on the jack and decide to string it !!!

Got it stringed and tuned. found my little 40db preamp module and plugged that in to a portable speaker for mp3 use. and... and... and... Success it makes noise that kind of sounds guitar like. Yes and wowzers it goes the volume control works. the tone control works and the coil split works too. Well the feel on the gage 9 strings was great so far no need for any real height adjustment or truss rod was it pre set?

While talking to Caroline the number 8 on the neck and body kept coming to mind so maybe the name of it will be 'The Crazy 8' Don't think I can get away with "the crazy 88". In the end a peace of art work called Peeking my Interest In the end a peace of art work called

The Crazy Eight hmm the 8 ball and luck in Asian culture think it is growing on me

The next step is to tear it all apart and then finish the finish of the guitar Lots of sanding will be involved.

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