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No Escape or Prisoners Part 3


With my background in electronics I just cant call the electric guitars parts (pick-ups, pots, capacitors wires and switches) electronics, Signal generator yes, EMF generator yes, Tone generator yes, Electronics NO! From this point on it will be refereed to Electrics. After some planing and investigation a wiring plan was settled on.

Plans Electrics Point to point Ver 1.0
Due to the fact the humbuckers had the four wire split able set-up it was decided to wire a volume control, a common tone control (A capacitor bled to ground) and the last pot used to bead the 2nd coil of each humbucker to earth the five way switch was set up in a common fashion so most people will use it and it will provide some useful tones even if they don't know about this set-up and how it works.

Planing Planing (some was just finalisation of prior research). Some research and planing was of order Part of the plan was to get it assembled first, tested and then dissembled for finishing. Well it seemed like a good plan. (don't I sound like a stuck record).

started working out how to drill the neck holes

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needed to attach the bridge first so can check for parallel with the two E strings.

after drilling holes in body clamped neck in to position to see how string would fit, punched in centres of neck holes and put it all to rest for the night.

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